Nail-art trends

Nail-art trends

Three do-it-yourself ideas for looking like a nail-art pro

When it comes to style, it's all about the details. That is why we love nail art! No need to worry! You don't have to have doctors' hands to achieve the look. Here are three simple techniques and strategies to make you look like a nail-art pro in no time.

Newspaper Nails

What you’ll need:

Base coat

A light, neutral color

Rubbing alcohol

A small bowl or container

Torn up pieces of newspaper


To protect your nails, you should always start off any manicure with a clear base coat. For this nail art project, you should choose a light-colored polish. Think along the lines of white, grey, vanilla, or light pink. While you are waiting for your nails to dry, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into a small container. When your nails are completely dry, submerge your finger into the rubbing ethanol for 5-10 seconds. Take a strip of torn up newspaper and press it onto your nail. Hold it there for about 15 seconds. The ink from the newspaper has now transferred onto your nail! Finish with a topcoat to seal in the ink.  You can also do this project with comic strips and dictionary pages!

          Half-Moon Manicure

What you’ll need:

Base coat

Two contrasting polishes of your choice

Paper reinforcement stickers


The half-moon manicure was very popular in the 1930s. Also known as the opposite French manicure, it exposes the base of the nail, rather than the tip. To achieve this look, choose two contrasting colors. Paint your nails the lighter color between the two and wait until they are completely dry. Place paper reinforcement stickers near your cuticles, slightly overlapping to create a “half moon” shape. Now, take your second color and paint over the sticker. When your nails are dry, peel off the stickers and finish with a top-coat! 

Tie-Dye Nails

What you’ll need:

Base coat

A small bowl

Scotch tape


White polish; we love OPI’s Alpine Snow

2 or more polishes of your choice

This manicure requires a little more time and patience than the previous techniques. However, the results are well worth it and you’ll see why!

First, paint your nails white and wait for them to fully dry. In the meantime, fill up a small bowl with water. It is important that the temperature of the water is somewhere between room temperature and lukewarm. To avoid too much mess, tape up the sides of your nails with scotch tape. When your nails are completely dry, drop the polishes on the surface of the water.

This should create spread-out, concentric circles. (If the drop of polish sinks to the bottom or just rests on the surface without spreading out, you need to adjust the temperature of your water. You can do this by zapping it in the microwave for a couple seconds.) This process needs to be done quickly. Otherwise, the polish will dry on the surface before you can transfer the paint onto your nails.

With a toothpick, gently “marbleize” the polish on the surface of the water. Now, dip a nail in and hold it there for about 8 seconds. Take it out and voila! Psychedelic, marbled nails! 

Remove the excess polish from the surface of the water with the toothpick and repeat the process until all of your nails are done. Use a Q-tip and some nail-polish remover to clean up any mess.

Cutepolish on YouTube has an excellent tutorial on this method if you need any further clarification! Good luck and style on!